Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21st Spring Cleaning is Here!

Today, I have something exciting to report.  They say a picture is 1000 words so here you go.....

At times I wondered whether I would ever get out of this mountain of paper mostly, and various and sundry items scattered all over.
Shortly after my last post, I took off on a fabulous cruise to the Caribbean.
When I returned, there was a pile of mail, mostly more junk mail.  I also had some business to take care of before I could embark on operation clean up.  I know, you are saying, excuses, excuses, just another stall, putting off the inevitable clean up.
  Gee, I could only trip over that suitcase so long before I moved it out of the way, still packed.  After recuperating from the trip for a few days, eventually the clothes were laundered and put away.
Now for the biggie....the papers by my desk, in the living room, kitchen and the bedroom had to be dealt with.

I'm proud to say, I've finally accomplished what I thought was nearly, impossible...My place is finally neat.  

The question is, will I be able to maintain, this clutter free least what can be seen.  I can't throw everything out!  I still have some treasures in the closet and some of the drawers.  Well, I never said I was perfect, did I?

I put out a challenge to you readers since it is the first day of spring, so I was taught.  For some reason that date was changed to a day earlier by some scientists.  I still maintain the 21st of March as being the spring equinox, as I was taught by my teachers many years ago.  Scientists are never wrong or are they?  I mean it is all theory isn't it??

You are free to post a picture on this site.  Keep it clean!


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  2. Margo - how can I post a CLEAN picture of my clutter? The problem is compounded by most of the clutter being inside my head - any suggestions? (keep THEM clean!). My prior post was punctuated badly...