Tuesday, February 15, 2011


How are my fellow clutterholics doing today?  Do you have any victories to share, confessions, including pics or tips to post?  Whatever is shared in this blog, stays in this blog, this is a safe place until it is posted.

I have not got to all, ok most of my clutter.  in fact, I've contributed more paper, more dropped clothing  on the bed and the table.   I did get to some of the papers and even shredded some papers.  Now I have even MORE PAPERS laying everywhere.
I need to sort through then asap because there are duplicates of my travel documents. 

Years ago, I read a book that I could identify with. The book was "I hate to House Keep Book" by Peg Bracken.  In the book,Peg categorized house keeping types.  Although I do not recall the other names, I was called "Sarah Sporadic".
Sarah, flits from room to room and never gets anything completed.  Like me she thinks of something to do in another room, or begins another area of the room.

I have yet another problem, the nice thing to say is getting sidetracked.   "Sidetracked Susie"  There are many things I can to do other than  deal with the clutter.  I call this being sidetracked by strolling down memory lane, when I find some notes or writing that I decide to read.  Also I will make a phone call, or in this instance I am posting on my blog.  Could this be avoidance?  I think so

How about you reader? Do you avoid doing anything at all because it is  just plain overwhelming and you don't know where to start? Do you get sidetracked as well?

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